The Federal Government of Somalia will soon start the process of issuing the license to airlines operating in the country, the Minister for Transport and Aviation, Mohamed Abdullahi Omar has confirmed.

“We are working to start the registration process of airlines operating in our country and the President will issue the license to the first registered aircraft. “the minister said.

The head of state has on Monday signed the new civil aviation bill into law while appointing aviation expert Ahmed Moalim Hassan as the new Director-General of the Civil Aviation Authority SCAMA.

The local airlines plying various routes in Somalia are registered in the neighboring states such as Kenya and Ethiopia due to the absence of the agency after the collapse of the government in the early 1990s.

“We have now the mandate to license airlines, pilots, and air traffic controllers and will start the process before end August.” said the Minister for Transport and Aviation, Mohamed Abdullahi Omar.

The Minister also mentioned the procedures to resume the national carrier Somali airlines after the realization of new changes in the aviation sector.


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