Somali parliament members have approved a proposal allowing number of seat to be reserved for women.

In one of its normal session on Sunday, Somali parliamentarians endorsed 30% quota proposal for women representatives in the parliament.

According to the Lower Speaker parliament, Momamed Abdirahman, the resolution was supported by 134 MPs with only seven opposing as two others abstained.

The proposal which now forms part of the Elections Act should the Upper House endorse guarantees a reservation of 30% of seats in the Federal Parliament to women.

The numbers rose in the 2016 elections to 24% translating to 84 lawmakers in both Lower House and the newly created Upper House. The 30% quota has been based on a gentleman’s agreement but will now be anchored in law.

The proposal is part of a number of contentious issues yet to be addressed in the Elections Act ahead of the October elections. Other issues include the delimitation of constituencies, role of political parties and representation of Banadir region.


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