Somali military forces killed several al-Shabaab militants who had attempted to raid military bases in the central region on Sunday morning, an official said.

A military officer, Ismail Ali Hanshi said group of militants conducted a pre-dawn vehicle-borne improvised explosive device attack on Somali National Army (SNA) military base in Ba’aadweyne, 170km South East of Galkayo, Mudug region.

“The terrorists wanted to disrupt the security of the military bases in order to justify their existence, but they suffered heavy losses and casualties,” he said.

According to reliable sources, al-Shabaab fighters have attacked a military base in Ba’adweyne town with a car laden with explosives before unknown number of fighters stormed it from different directions.

Witnesses said they heard loud explosions and heavy gunfire at the military base.

The attack comes barely a day after Somali military paraded three al-Shabaab fighters in the town.

The fighters who defected from the group had surrendered their weapons to the military officials in Ba’adweyne town.


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