Unidentified gunmen have killed a Somali national in south Africa, the latest indiscriminate killings against Somali community.

Armed men suspected to be robbers have raided a shop in one of Cape town neighborhoods mid last night, killing Abdirahman Moalim Ali and injuring another Somali national

Witnesses say the wounded trader was rushed to a hospital where he is undergoing treatment.

This morning, the authorities have arrived in the areas on Sunday morning assess the situation.

Last week, armed men shot dead another Somali trader identified as Ibrahim Mohamed Hassan in Samora neighborhood before robbing the shop.

No arrest was made so far by South Africa Police.

South Africans often accuse foreigners of taking their jobs, a reason they often use to justify attacks against foreigners in South Africa.

For years, South African police have been accused of being complicit in attacks against immigrants, something that prompted many immigrants including Somalis to possess illegal arms in a desperate attempt to defend themselves and their properties against gangs.

Many immigrants have since been arrested and charged for possessing illegal arms after killings of gangs trying to rob businesses owned by immigrants who complained that they have acted in self-defense grounds.

Dozens of Somalis have been killed in South Africa for the past few years. Many of them have had their businesses robbed and seriously wounded.


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