Southwest state has never attempted to oppose talks between the federal government and its member states, the state leader said.

In a statement, South West State President Abdiaziz Lafta Gareen dismissed claims that his administration barred meetings between the Federal Government and regional units.

“Nowadays, there has been reports serviced on social media indicating Southwest state opposed the planned talks between the federal government and its member states, therefore we are hereby confirmed the claims as unfounded,”the statement reads in part.

The leader noted that the South West State was committed to the talks and even ready to host them.

According to the statement, there were plans to hold talks between the government and its members to iron out their differences.

“We know the FGS and Federal Member States (FMS) tasked a joint committee to set the agenda and venue for talks and that committee is still working on it,” the statement read in part. “The committee is still discussing the issue so Somali people should not be misled by social media reports and it’s unfortunate those reports mislead the public.”

Lafta Gareen affirmed that his government was ready to host the talks between the government and the regional states.

“South West to ready to see negotiation conference between the FGS and FMS at any cost. Southwest state is ready to host the talks,” he said.

The leader was responding to claims in the social media that his administration was opposed to the talks.


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