The United Nations (UN) has welcomed the measures recently announced by the Federal Government of Somalia to tackle corruption in the country which is recovering from two decades old anarchy.

In a statement, UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Somalia, James Swan said UN looks forward to active implementation of commitments including advancing the legal and institutional framework to counter corruption, along with robust enforcement and punitive measures.

“We welcome the Somali Government’s commitment to fight corruption, enable fair access to resources and opportunities, and build trust in public institutions,” said Swan.

“These are important steps and the United Nations in Somalia encourages all branches of the Federal Government and Federal Member States to take further measures to protect and expand the transparency, integrity and accountability of the management of public finances and resources,” he added.

He said United Nations in Somalia remains committed to support the implementation of the NACS, as well as the process leading up to the ratification of the UNCAC, and commends the Federal Government for these steps to tackle corruption.

The Somali Government’s cabinet recently endorsed the National Anti-Corruption Strategy (NACS) intended to fight corruption; strengthen the integrity of institutions; build a merit-based, professional civil service; ensure the transparency of public finance management; and promote a culture of accountability.

The FGS also announced its intent to join and sign the UN Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC), the world’s only legally-binding universal anti-corruption instrument, and a key instrument to sustain, manage and track countries’ fight against corruption.


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