Somali government plans to improve the living standard of the country by setting goals to achieve in the upcoming years, the country’s Planning minister said on Wednesday.

Speaking to the media, the country’s Planning, Investment and Economic Development Minister Gamal Hassan said the government is committed to work on the country’s economy and fighting corruption.

The minister stated the government published an ambitious National Development Plan to pegged on number of pills

‘Three national priorities are inclusive and accountable politics, improved security and rule of law, and improved economic development,” Hassan told The East African Newspaper based in Nairobi. “These priority areas were found to be prerequisites to consolidating peace, strengthening governance and laying the foundation for a prosperous Somalia.”

According to the minister, the government carries out efforts to reduce poverty in the horn of Africa nation which rises from ashes after almost three decades of anarchy.

“We plan to reduce poverty through a sustainable growth across all sectors of the economy through improved resilience of the traditional primary sector of agriculture and a greater diversification of the economy toward the development of financial, telecommunication, petroleum and service sectors, including utilities to increase employment and improve living standards of all Somalis in the next five years,” he said.


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