Senior officials from Hirshabelle regional state led by Middle Shabelle regional governor, Ahmed Meyre Makaran, members of state parliament and heads of various security agencies have visited Galoley in Balad district.

The officials are part of the committee of inquiry committee appointed by state leaders, Mohamed Abdi Ware to investigate the murder of eight health workers in the area on Thursday last week.

The team held meetings with local community representatives, elders, relatives of the victims, and the local administration in a fact-finding mission.

Detectives from the criminal investigations department from the Somali police force have also joined the inquiry team to help in unearthing the perpetrators.

A full report on the killing is expected to be submitted to both regional and federal agencies within the next 30 days.

Somali military which the relatives of victims pointed the finger has strongly denied the accusations.

SNA chief, General Odowa Yusuf Rage said the army will launch its own internal investigation.


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