epa000292280 A Somali Member of Parliament for the Transitional Federal Parliament for the Somali Republic cast his vote as the first round of voting began to elect a President, Sunday, 10 October 2004, in Kenya's capital Nairobi. Somali peace talks have been ongoing for almost two years in Kenya culminating in this extraordinary session of parliament held outside its own borders. EPA/STEPHEN MORRISON

Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheire has emphasised the importance of holding universal suffrage in Somalia.

During teleconference with his cabinet, Mr. Kheire Friday said holding “inclusive, stable and peaceful election” in the country will be vital for the peace building process.

The pattern was to hold elections in this country after every four year, an electoral process consented by the majority, if not all the stakeholders of this country, which is indeed what gave us the legitimacy,” said Kheire.

The PM underscored that to hold elections in Somalia was more critical than ‘any other duty’.

“People look forward to elections after every four years, therefore the federal parliament along with the electoral commission is currently working on the election process,” he said.

PM Kheire directed the cabinet to put more efforts on the materialising the plan to hold elections.

“From today our main task would be to take this country to an inclusive, stable and peaceful election,” he said.


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