Senior Somali police official survived an assassination attempt Sunday in Somali capital capital, Mogadishu.

Ali Hirsi Barise (Gaab), the head of health department of the Somali police forces cheated death after he escaped a roadside bomb on Afisiyooni road in Mogadishu’s Waaberi district.

No group has claimed the responsibility for the attacks though the attack the hallmarks of al-Shabaab targets.

Four days ago he also survived IED fitted into his car near Banadir junction.

Last week, Gaab who confirmed the attack said a policeman was killed, 3 injured after a roadside explosion targeted a police vehicle in the vicinity of Banadir junction of Mogadishu, early last Wednesday.

His vehicle which was targetted was not carrying the official at the time of the blast.

Last Wednesday’s attack was claimed by al-Shabaab, saying it is fighters targeted Gaab.


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