At least two al-Shabaab fighters have been killed in an airstrike in Southern Somalia on Sunday.

In a statement, Somali Information Ministry said Somali forces in coordination with US military conducted aerial bombardment against al-Shabaab.

According to the statement, the attack happened in the early evening of 17 May 2020 in Kunyo Barrow.

“The Federal Government of Somalia, in coordination with United States Africa Command, conducted an airstrike near the town of Kunyo Barrow, Somalia,” the statement reads in part. “The airstrike resulted in the deaths of two (2) members of the al-shabaab terrorist network.”

The ministry said the bombardment is part of the government’s efforts to annihilate al-Shabaab and other terror group in the country.

“This airsrike demonstrated the commitment of the Federal Government of Somalia, along with its African Union and international partners, to continue to rid Somalia of the terrorists who prey upon its citizens,” the ministry stated.

The government said the latest attack did not cause collateral damages during its execution.

“The Federal Government and its US partners go to great lengths to prevent civilians casualties in these precision strikes,” the ministry said. “At this time, it is assessed that no civilians were killed or injured in the attack.”


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