An airstrike on a wedding party, carried out by unidentified war plane, killed three people and wounded four others, said official.

The bombardment by unknown war planes in southern Somalia comes amid US military intensified its fight against

Speaking to media, Dif village chief, Ahmed Salad said the airstrike took place on Sunday in Duya’ village in Lower Jubba region.

According to Ahmed, bombardment is also killed more than 50 cattle.

The official says an estimated seven missiles hit the area.

Ahmed noted that the village is located few kilometers away from a military base owned by Kenyan troops working under the framework of African Union Mission in Africa (AMISOM).
Neither regional nor federal authorities have commented on the latest attack against unarmed civilians.

No countryhas claimed responsibility for the attack though US military carried out aerial bombardment against al-Shabaab in central and south Somalia.

al-Shabaab has been fighting Somali military backed by AU forces for the one decade.
The group which was controlling vast land in southern Somalia including the capital was drove away by the government forces.

It now controls remote area but carries deadly attack in major towns.

28th last month, the group exploded a car laden with explosives in a busy junction in Mogadishu, killing at least 80 people.

The blast also wounded over 100 others most civilians.


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