The Governor of Banadir region who also doubles up as the Mayor of Mogadishu, Omar Mohamed Mohamud has laid the foundation stone for the livestock market in Mogadishu on Saturday.

Dayah market in Hiliwa district serves as livestock and other pastoralist related products purchase point in Somali capital since 2003.

The market situated in the north of the capital Mogadishu serves meeting points for livestock traders across the country for the transaction.

The mayor of Mogadishu accompanied by other officials briefly toured various sections of the market while urging the traders to help his administration improve the services.

Omar Mohamed Mohamud alias Omar Filish also warned that the local authorities will not accept the livestock trading outside the designated Dayah market saying the move will result in poor sanitation in the city.

Somalia is one of the biggest exporters of livestock products in the world.
The trade has sharply increased in recently.


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