Elite forces will intensify operations to hunt down al-Shabaab fighters in southern Somalia, official said.

Speaking to the media, Osman Abdimalik Malim, a special forces (Danab) commander said the forces will increase offensives against al-Shabaab.

He vowed that they will continue attacks until the group is wiped out the region.

Danab forces on Wednesday liberated villages including Moradinle, Bula-miskin, Ma’alin, Baladul-Amin, Raqayle, Bula-Bashir from al-Shabaab fighters following heavy fighting.

Forces confirmed that they killed 20 terrorists during the fighting.

This operation comes four days after an al-Shabaab-claimed suicide truck bombing at a busy intersection in the capital Mogadishu killed some 80 people, people including university students and two Turkish nationals


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