Somali military in Mogadishu sentenced an al-Shabaab ring leader to death after he found guilty of killing several people.

In a video released on Wednesday, the court slapped Mohamed Haji Ahmed known as Ilka-ase with death penalty for leading al-Shabaab assassins and being behind the assassination of three generals, a police corporal and a deputy attorney general.

According to the court statement, Ahmed confessed to working as head of operations for al-Shabab in Mogadishu.

“I was head of operation of the city, the region,” he said in the video. “There was nothing more nerve-wracking than sending out someone to do something…what will happen to them? Have they been killed?”

He told the court that after an operation, al-Shabab leaders would call him to learn details about how it went, who fired the shots, and how many bullets were fired.

He would also send information to al-Shabaab’s radio station, Radio Andalus, so the group could claim responsibility for attacks.

The court sentenced six other al-Shabaab members to death, four of them in absentia. An eighth Shabaab member was given life imprisonment while a woman who was convicted for passing information about the movement of government officials to al-Shabab was sentenced to 15 years in prison.


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