Turkish government has dispatched military plane to Mogadishu to airlift injuries following Saturday’s deadly terrorist attack.

The plane which was also carrying medical supplies has landed at Aden Adde International Airport on Saturday evening.

According to Somali government officials, the plane will transport those critically injured to Turkey for treatment.

In a statement, Turkish embassy pledged to stand by the people of Somalia.

“We strongly condemn and curse the terror attack perpetrated with a bomb-laden vehicle in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia today, claiming lives of many people including two Turkish citizens,” the statement read in part.

The embassy said Turkey emphasizes the importance of international cooperation in the fight against terrorism on every platform and having lost two citizens in this attack.

“Turkey will keep on providing support with determination to Somalia to establish peace, security and an environment for development and continue to be on the side of the brotherly people and Government of Somalia,” the embassy said.


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