Somalia’s Lower House of parliament has unanimously approved the contentious election bill on Saturday.

Out of 178 members of parliament present during the signing session, 171 approved, five opposed while two members abstained.

The speaker of the House, Mursal Mohamed Abdirahman declared the approval of the crucial bill as far as Somalia’s upcoming general elections are concerned.

It will be submitted to the President for assent before its full implementation.

The endorsed bill contains a clause that gives the Federal Government of Somalia green light to extend the term of the legislative and the executive bodies if conditions for holding elections are not favorable.

The members of the opposition political parties in the country have raised their concerns about the section blaming president Farmajo government for deliberately trying to lengthen its term in office.

The head of state however assured that the polls will conduct on its stipulated time during a meeting with the leaders of the opposing political parties earlier in November.


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