Thousands of Somalis in Northeast and central Somalia have today seen An annular eclipse occurs when the moon passes directly in front of the Sun while trying to cover it completely.

However, the moon does not completely cover the sun leaving a ring of the sun around it.
The Sun was close to the horizon.

According to residents in Bossaso town who spoke to confirmed that they saw the annular eclipse.

Muslims offered special prayer called ‘Salat-ul-Kusoof’ on the occasion of solar eclipse. Prayers were also offered in congregations at mosques.

Eclipse prayers is a special prayer in Islam to be performed at the time of an eclipse, whether it be a solar or lunar eclipse. In fact, this prayer is Mustahabb (highly recommended).

It is not mandatory, rather advised because Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) was said to do it. It is to be performed by both men and women and is recommended to pray it in congregation, although the congregation is not a condition for it.


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