Somali government is ready to hold dialogue to iron out differences between Somali government and Somaliland authorities, Somalia-Somaliland talks committee said.

Speaking to the media, Ali Ahmed Jam’a who is representing the Committee said the committee has prepared itself for discussions to hold with Somaliland.

Jam’a stated the committee carried out public discussion over the possible ways and issues to be discussed.

“Our side, we are ready, we did all necessary issues including assessment and analysts to needed to be conducted. Therefore we are only waiting for Somaliland to appoint their representatives,” he said.

He ruled out claims that Somalia’s representatives should not be included individuals hailing from northern Somalia.

The importance issue is the agenda but not where the persons representing both sides. Somaliland cannot condition the committee representing Somalia,” he said.

Previous talks

The talks began in 2012 when the London Conference on Somalia, held at Lancaster House in February resulted in a communiqué.

In 2014, the Federal Government of Somalia and Somaliland signed an accord following three-day talks moderated by the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

The two sides agreed on the continuation of the talks facilitated by Turkey but a month later Somaliland rescinded its decision and accused Turkey of supporting Somalia against Somaliland.

Close to four years down the line since Somalia and Somaliland talks brokered by Turkey had collapsed with no tangible progress reached following intransigence by the sides.

Somaliland proclaimed independence from the rest of Somalia after the collapse of the central government of Somalia led by the late Mohamed Siad Barre in 1991.

Despite restoring peace in its region, but Somaliland has failed to secure international recognition.


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