Somali elite forces took control of three villages in Lower Jubba region in southern Somalia, military officials said on Friday.

Hassan Adan Iraqi, who leading the operation told the media on Friday evening that Danab forces launched an attack on al-Shabaab fighters in Abdi-Dore, Berhani, and Hadwayne villages and engaged in heavy gun battle with al-Shabaab.

“We have attacked them (al-Shabaab) and managed to bush them back after heavy fighting lasted for several hours,” Iraqi said. “The villages are now under our control.”

He added that they inflicted heavy casualties on the al-Shabaab fighters during the gunfight.

The forces have launched operations to search the areas for any possible members of the enemy who are hiding.

The commander did not say whether they were casualties on Danab side while the al-Shabab has not issued any comment on the latest incident.

The move comes amid Somali army backed by African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) intensified operations against al-Shabaab in South and central Somalia.


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