The Federal Government of Somalia has embarked on the installation of CCTV cameras in the capital, Mogadishu.

The connection was mainly conducted at Maka al-Mukarama road and other key intersection leading to the city center towards key government buildings including the Presidential palace.

The move is aimed at improving security at the center of the business district according to senior Somali security officials.

Armed group al-Shabaab has previously carried out attacks in the form of car bombs and other explosive devices targeting hotels and other social areas popular with government officials.

Last week, ten people were killed and eleven others were wounded when four al-Shabaab gunmen dressed in police uniforms attacked SYL hotel which is near the Presidential palace.

The attackers accessed the heavily fortified area on foot.

Somali Govt has since set new security measures near the area to protect the Presidential palace.

According to new procedures, armed soldiers must be accompanied by a senior official or approved by the state house security office before access.


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