Mo Farah /Photo Credit: Getty Images

The brother of Somali born UK athlete, Ahmed Farah who previously deported to Somalia is said to be leading a miserable life in Horn of Africa nation.

According to an article carried by UK’s Daily Mail, Farah who is the younger brother Sir Mo Farah who deported to Somalia’s northeastern region, Somaliland struggles to make ends meet.

Farah’s world started collapsing in 2011 when he was arrested for a knife crime which he committed the previous year.

He was released on licence in 2014 but was not a British citizen and had his documents confiscated before he was deported to Somaliland.

Speaking about the crime he committed Farah said if he had known what the outcome would have been he would have acted differently on the night of the incident.

In another article published The Sun Mirror, regretting the crimes he involved in, Farah said: ‘I made a huge mistake, but why should I be double punished for something I’ve done?

Ahmed says he wants to make a go of things and has a dream of opening his own restaurant.

He says: “I’ve found a shop that I like the look of. I think there’s an opportunity for me to do something out here.

“I feel like I failed. I’ve had a lot of great opportunities in life. Having seen some of these with no opportunities it makes you feel ungrateful.

“I just want to try and level myself and humble myself and really put myself in their shoes and forget about my past and try and crack on.

“Mentally I’m tough. I don’t intend to fail again. I feel like I’ve failed a lot.

“I’m going to use this as a platform to propel myself to greater things. I never wanted to be known as ‘so and so’s brother’. I’m my own person.

Ahmed says he has not spoken to Mo for 10 years and doesn’t hold a grudge but wonders whether his brother’s celebrity status counted against him.

He added that he was proud of Mo and everything he has achieved and that he had nothing to do with his deportation.


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