Ten people were killed and eleven others were wounded as Somali security agencies end armed group al-Shabaab militants attack a hotel near the presidential palace on Tuesday evening.

According to the police reports, among the dead are five attackers, two soldiers, and three civilians.
“We can confirm that two soldiers and three civilians lost their lives in the attack.” Deputy Police chief, General Zakia Hussain said.

“Also, nine civilians and two members of the security agencies also registered with minor injuries.” General Zakia added.

More than 100 people were rescued from the hotel by the security agencies during the operation which lasted for more than ten hours.

Gunmen from al-Shabaab gained access by foot into the hotel situated at the fortified area in Somali capital while dressed in police uniform.

The attack follows months of calm and absence of frequent insurgent’s attacks which is attributed to increased security check-points by the Somali government forces.


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