A Somali military court in Mogadishu has sentenced ex-soldier to death for murder on Monday.

Private, Abdullahi Ali Omar was found guilty by the court for the killing a businesswoman, Dhibay Malele Mohamed in Walaweyn district in Lower Shabelle region on 23rd May this year.

The accused was on the run to escape justice to arrest in September by the members of the security agencies and brought before the law for charges.

The chair of Somali military court, major general, Ali Nur Shute issued the verdict on Sunday following investigations by his office on the murder charges.

The defendant has less than 30 days or one month to appeal the ruling of the court.

Somali military court which mainly deals with terror-related cases was accused by the international human rights groups for violations against suspects and quick sentences without proper investigations and access to lawyers.

The government of Somalia has refuted the claims saying the court process has been effective in dealing with terror offenses.


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