The leader of Hirshabelle state of Somalia, Mohamed Abdi Ware together with officials from AMISOM presided over the commencement of training for 200 officers in Jowhar, state headquarters.

The ceremony was also attended by state speaker, Osman Bare and his two deputies together with top regional security officials.

President, Mohamed Abdi Ware urged the new recruits to capitalize on the opportunity given to receive techniques in order to advance law and order in their communities after graduation.

“ I would like to remind  the new recruits about their role in the community in that those going to schools early and those enjoying their homes without any security challenge do so due to your hardwork.”

The new contingent is the third recruitment in the state police training academy undertaken with the help of AMISOM mission.

The previous officers from the training institute were deployed to various districts in Hirshabelle state to foster peace and security.

With its international support, Somali government has embarked on reforms in the security sector before the exit of the international peacekeepers from the country.


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