The United States government has called upon the Somali government and the leaders of the opposition parties to strengthen ties.

US ambassador, Donald Yamamoto held talks with the leader of Forum for National Parties who is also a former head of state, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed on Sunday.

The talks focused on the close cooperation between the federal government and timely free and fair elections.

“Former President, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed met Ambassador, Donald Yamamoto in Mogadishu.” The US embassy said in a tweet after the meeting.

“They agreed on the opposition and the government including Federal members’ states must work together for the good of Somalia.”

Washington said it supports continued close cooperation between Somali stakeholders ahead of upcoming Presidential polls in 2021 to create a conducive environment.

“US encourages continued engagement and cooperation between all stakeholders to create conditions for timely, free, and fair elections.”

The meeting comes after the coalition of the opposition political parties raised concerns about the government of President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo’s intention to delay the exercise under the tag of a term extension.


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