President Uhuru Kenyatta

President Uhuru Kenyatta has vowed to step up the fight against al-shabaab fighters in Somalia and Kenya.

Speaking at the Kenya Military Academy in Lanet, Nakuru, on Thursday when he commissioned new cadet officers who have completed a rigorous three-year training programme, Uhuru said Kenyan troops will continue operating in Somalia until the threat posed by the forces destabilizing the country and the region are neutralized.

Kenyatta said Kenya’s military training programs are designed to serve the security needs of both the country and the region.

He said the regional dimension of the training by the academy is informed by the fact that the threats to security posed by terrorist groups and related international crimes know no borders.

He said Kenya has always made it a priority to boost regional security and that is one of the reasons it has been involved in stabilizing countries affected by conflict.

“Whenever these groups are pursued, they quickly shift their operations either within the boundaries of nations or beyond,” Uhuru said.

Kenya sent its troops to Somalia in 2011 after al Shabaab militia threats in Kenya.


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