The Somali Prime Minister, Hassan Ali Kheyre and US ambassador in the country, Donald Yamamoto held talks on Tuesday.

The discussions focused on the progress made by the Federal government of Somalia in various areas including peace, stability and economic prosperity in recent months.

US ambassador reaffirmed that reinforcing the fight against armed group al-Shabaab and assisting in stabilization efforts is the top priority of his government in Somalia.

Ambassador Yamamoto who called for close cooperation between the Federal Government and regional member states stressed Washington’s efforts in the areas of diplomacy, development, and defense.

Pentagon under the US Africa command provides training for Somali special forces and regularly carries out airstrikes against armed group al-Shabaab targets in support of Somali armed forces offensive against the insurgent group.

US drone strikes mainly in Southern Somalia targeting al-Shabaab and Islamic State militants have increased since President Donald Trump came to office in January 2017.


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