The government of the UK has called on the authorities of Somaliland to release detained politicians in Hargeisa town.

Head of the British Office in Hargeisa Stuart Brown said his government is concerned over the recent raids on the offices of political opposition parties.

Brown stated that his office is “extremely concerned” of ongoing detentions of leaders of opposition parties.
“The UK is deeply concerned by the ongoing detention of oppositions politicians in Somaliland.

He urged Somaliland administration to take those arrested before court.

The official encouraged both the government and opposition to hold discussions to end their differences.
“Encourage all parties to renew dialogue and uphold their commitment to hold parliamentary and local elections without delay,” said Stuart Brown.

The remarks of UK officials come less than a week after Waddani Party Secretary-General Khadar Abdi and spokesman Barkhad Jama were arrested.

The detentions of the officials led the party leader Abdirahman Irro to call for protests.

Following day dozens of party supporters took to the streets in Hargeisa town.

The opposition party has been at loggerheads with President Muse Bihi following the nomination and approval of electoral commission commissioners some of whom Waddani said were the president’s cronies.


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