Somalia’s National Independent Electoral Commission (NIEC) has temporarily registered six new political parties on Saturday.

The registered parties include the Somali labor forward party, the national party, the Somali economic party, the SANU party, the United people party and the Somali national party.

The National Independent Electoral Commission commissioner, Abdirahman Osman Dirir called upon the parties to work towards the realization of becoming fully registered parties for operation before elections.

The agency reminded the new parties about its continuous monitoring process of the political parties’ offices as a requirement for full registration.

The registration puts the total number temporally record to 63 so far.

President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo is holding talks with representatives of more than 25 opposition political parties today.

The discussion is focused on the realization of one man one vote in upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections in 2021 polls.


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