Madaxweyne Farmaajo iyo Madaxweynihii hore Xasan Sheekh/Sawir Hore/Keydka HQ

Somali President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo is scheduled to meet more than 25 opposition political parties’ leaders on Saturday.

The main agenda of the discussion is about the upcoming Presidential and parliamentary election in 2021, Villa Somalia Communications Director, Abdinur Mohamed Ahmed has confirmed.

” President Farmajo is meeting some members of the opposition political parties in his office that are temporarily registered by the National Independent Election Commission.” Abdinur posted in his Facebook.

The head of state is expected to iron out the key concerns of the opposition parties in the country on the significant democratic exercise.

” The meeting with political stakeholders will focus on the realisation of one man one vote in the country.”

The President held talks with the party leaders of Himilo Qaran, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and the leader of United Peace and Development, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud on Wednesday last week.

President Farmajo assured that the polls will be conducted on its stipulated time amid fears by the opposition for an extension.

The government has also pledged to put all necessary arrangements for the free and fair ballot.

Somali parliament is expected to approve the election bill before the end of the year.

The National Independent and Electoral Commission (NIEC) it is ready to manage the exercise but reiterated the role of the parliament to finalize the regulations required


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