Somalia denies Italy withdrew funds following a failed project proposal

The Federal government of Somalia has denied a media report indicating that the Italian government has withdrawn funds worth USD six million following failed submission of the project proposal from Mogadishu.

According to the Italian newspaper la Repubblica the funds were meant to build dams in Beled-Weyne, Hiran region to prevent recurrent flooding.

Minister for Planning and International Cooperation, Jamal Mohamed Hassan said the proposal was submitted to the Italian government for consideration and not as widely reported by the media.

“The project proposal has been submitted to the Italian Government for their considerations and the discussions are still ongoing. No project has been approved/signed so far.” Minister Jamal wrote on his twitter page.

He added that both countries are discussing the possibility of cooperating on flood protection projects.
“The FGS and the Italian Gov’t have been discussing the possibility of providing support for a flood protection project.”

The leader of Hirshaballe state of Somalia, Mohamed Abdi Ware and Minister for Agriculture, Saed Hussein Eid has also confirmed the project proposal but denied the removal of the funding as per the correspondent of la Repubblica, Shukri Saed who broke the story.


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