A court in Mogadishu will soon start on the process of hearing a case submitted by Himilo Qaran party against the government in forthcoming days, the Chief Justice, Bashe Yusuf has confirmed on Tuesday.

The development follows after the party of the former President, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed filed a court case on allege travel restrictions imposed on its leaders by the government in September.

Sheikh Sharif together with several opposition members including former immediate President, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was delayed at Aden Abdulle International Airport on their way to attend the inauguration ceremony of Jubbaland state leader, Ahmed Mohamed Islam.

Mr. Islam re-election was rejected by the Federal Government over violations of poll guidelines by the Ministry of Interior and Federal affairs.

Chief Justice, Bashi Yusuf stressed the independence of the judiciary saying their verdict will never be compromised what so ever.

He added that the court shared the content of the filed cases against the government with relevant agencies for response and is confident about the feedback for proceedings.

The former head of state, Sheikh Sharif Ahmed who was in power from 2009 to 2012 lost in 2017 presidential elections.

He showed his interest in upcoming polls in 2021.


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