Wasiir Maareeye

Somali Federal Government said it is very concerned about a comment made by the former head of state, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed on Sunday.

Minister for Information, Mohamed Hayir Mareye termed the remarks made by the former President after he visited flooded hit city of Beledweyn as “astonishing”.

Sheikh Sharif blamed President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo’s government for disrespecting the constitution through violation of freedom warning that if the current administration will not desist they will use all necessary to stop it.

He condemned an alleged attempt by the aviation authority to block his flight trip to deliver aid to affected citizens in Hiiran region.

“The Somali government is surprised by the remarks made by the former President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed,” The Information Minister Mohamed Abdi Mareye said.

“The remarks are below the status and dignity of what was expected from the former leader.”

Press Statement from the Ministry of Information appealed to the former President to respect his status and avoid a move that harms his national reputation.

“The Somali government, former head of states and all others that value the development of the country have the responsibility to safeguard the unity, safety, and security of the nation.” The statement said.


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