Puntland parliamentary speaker ousted in a vote of no confidence

Puntland parliament members have voted out the speaker of the assembly, Abdihakim Mohamed Ahmed on Thursday.

49 members of the regional assembly voted to oust the speaker while four members abstained from the motion.

The motion was earlier submitted by 44 members to the regional assembly to move forward.
No comment from the ousted speaker, Abdihakim Mohamed Ahmed so far.

The members accused him of instigating instability in the semi-autonomous state in North Eastern Somalia.

Four people were killed when police officers clashed with security guards attached to the Puntland parliament on Wednesday night.

Puntland state police commissioner, General Muheydin Ahmed Muse blamed the speaker of the regional assembly for the chaos.

State leader, Saed Abdullahi Deni left the chamber two weeks ago when the assembly member asked about the security Situation in Puntland state.


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