New Somali Police Force commander appointed for Guriel station

Somali Police Force has appointed a new commander for Guriel station on Monday.

Zakarye Abdi Ali will lead the new team at Guriel police station to restore law and order.

His appointment comes two days after Somali National Army retook the control of the town in Galgadud from the Ahlu Suna Waljama forces.

The ASWJ forces who controlled the town for years retreated after a brief clash with the troops.
Similar deployment of the federal police force is also scheduled in Mataban in Hiran region.

Security agencies held a meeting with local community leaders in the area to foster peace and security to maintain law and order.

The Somali government has deployed security agencies in various parts in south-central that was recaptured from the armed group al-Shabaab in recent months.


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