Hormuud telecom tower

Somalia’s giant network provider has donated 200,000 to support victims of floods in South and Central Somalia.

In a statement, Hormuud Telcom said it donated the amount as emergency funds to assist and alleviate the burden from the victims affected by the floods. The Telcom, expressed concern by the recurring cycle of flood and drought.
It has extended condolences to the families of flood victims.

Hormuud Telcom sends its deepest condolences to the families of the victims who have lost their lives in the current floods in Baledweyne, Bardale, some parts in Gedo region,” the statement reads in part, “At this difficult moment, Hormuud Telcom shares the pain with the families and friends who lost their loved ones or livelihood.”

The company called on Somali people support one another during this difficult time.

“Hormuud Telcom wishes that all Somali people to stand shoulder to shoulder with their brothers and sisters who lost lives and livelihoods. It bothers all of us to see children, elderly, and mothers sleeping outdoors and facing harsh conditions such as cold in the night and heat in the day,” the company said.

This week, a boat carrying regional government officials and volunteered capsized yesterday in Beletweyne town leaving death in its wake. Two bodies were recovered Monday evening while eight others are still unaccounted for.

The UN humanitarian body OCHA said in a weekly report Monday three people including two children aged 10 died because of the floods. It added 85% of the town had been submerged in floods displacing 164,000 people.

The most affected places, the report said are Hawa Taako and Kooshin in Beletweyne town.


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