Somali President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has called upon fellow African heads of state and governments to implement the outcome of Russia-Africa summit.

Moscow pledged to boost trade with the continent and ease debt relief by cancelling over USD 20 billion during first Russia- Africa summit held in the resort black sea city of Sochi between 23-24th October.

Somali head of state, Abdullahi Farmajo who held sideline meeting with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin urged the federation to play its part the efforts by the international community to help his government in the rebuilding and reconstruction of the state.

The former soviet state had one of the biggest military base in Berbera before kicked out by President Mohamed Siyyad Barre for its support to Ethiopian during 1977 war.

The President Farmajo and his delegation that included the Foreign Minister, Ahmed Isse Awad, Defense Minister, Hassan Mohamed Amar-Dambe and other key officials returned in the country on Saturday from Russia.


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