The government of Kuwait has urged the international community to help the Somali government maintain the security of the Horn of Africa nation.

Addressing the Security Council Session, the acting charge d’affaires at the permanent mission at the UN, ambassador plenipotentiary, Bader Almunaykh affirmed the necessity of enforcing security and stability in Somalia.

The ambassador called for the execution of sanctions to weak al-Shabaab and other armed rebels.

He considered these international sanctions as helpful for the Somali government to prevent deliveries of arms to al-Shabaab and groups.
The envoy lauded the progress achieved Somali government.

The security council first imposed a general and complete arms embargo on Somalia in 1992, when Somalia’s strong central government was toppled.

The adoption of resolution 733 in 1992 was followed by another resolution 2444 in 2018 lifting the embargo partially.

The security council decided to extend the partial lifting arms embargo for the Somali government until 15th November 2019.


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