Somalia and Kenya have agreed to cooperate on cross-border delivering aid and trade exchange.

In a meeting in Washington, Somalia Finance Minister Abdirahman Duale Beileh and Kenya’s acting Treasury Secretary Ukur Yatani agreed the maritime dispute not effect the interaction between the two people.

After the meeting, the two ministers held press conference to express their commitment to enhance the cooperation between the two countries.

The two jointly vowed that they will keep the bilateral cooperation strong inspite of the dispute on the border between the countries.

Kenya and Somalia had a long-protracted dispute over a maritime boundary.

In 2014 Somalia sued Kenya at the International Court of Justice.

Late 2017, Somalia won its first bid to resolve a case over a maritime dispute before the ICJ.

Last week, the International Court of Justice approved a request by Kenya to delay public hearing of its maritime boundary case with Somalia.

ICJ pushed the case to June 8, 2020 and warned that there will be no further delays.

This is the second time that Kenya has been granted a postponement request with the hearing having been pushed from October to November.


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