Somali Lower Speaker urges absentee MPs to attend 6th session

Mohamed Mursal Sheikh

The speaker of Somali Lower House of parliament, Mohamed Mursal Sheikh has appealed to members who have not attended the 1st sitting of the sixth session to attend upcoming schedules.

Speaking during his opening address at the new temporary assembly hall on Saturday, speaker Mursal urged members of parliament who hold cabinet positions to balance their schedule in attending house business saying their absentia affects key national agendas.

” There are several cabinet members who are members of the Lower House, they must attend the house session unless performing national duties.” The speaker of the House, Mohamed Mursal said.

The absence of cabinet members who double up as members of parliament has impacted on the operations of the house business mainly when numbers are needed to approve significant bills submitted to the chamber.

According to Somali provisional constitution, members of the parliament can be appointed as cabinet members in the government without losing their post unlike other neighboring countries where cabinet is selected outside the parliament.


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