Public hearings for the maritime case between Kenya and Somalia will now take place in June 2020, Somali Deputy Prime Minister Mahid Guled who is leading his country’s delegation at the Hague told local media.

In an interview with the national television SNTV, Guled said the UN court allowed Kenya’s prayers for further delay vacating the earlier timelines. Kenya sought a one-year extension in September but was only granted two months which would have elapsed November 4.

The ICJ has not yet issued a formal communication on the new timelines.

Guled said the court set for 8-12 June, 2020 for oral submissions by the two parties noting the new timeline was reached at to ‘accommodate Kenya’s request’.

In seeking for extension in September, Kenya argued it needed more time to recruit new defense lawyers.

Both Somalia and Kenya are contesting ownership of a triangular territory measuring 100,000km2 in the Indian Ocean boundary.

Somalia went to court in 2014 following what it termed as failure to settle the matter with her neighbour, Kenya bilaterally.

The court verdict is final and not subject to appeal.


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