The leader of Somali regional state in Ethiopia has welcomed the decision by the Norwegian Nobel Committee to award the Nobel Peace Prize for 2019 to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali.

In a statement, President Mustafe Omer said PM Abiy deserves the recognition for bringing peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

“Extremely delighted by the Nobel Committee’s decision to award the Nobel Peace Prize to PM Abiy Ahmed,” he said.

According to the statement, Omer noted the PM spearheaded the Peace process in Sudan and the multifaced reform agenda.

“The people of Somali Region are beneficiaries of his peace & integration agenda for the Horn of Africa. Congratulations to all Ethiopians, Africans & peace-loving citizens of the world,” he said.

Meanwhile, the award was welcomed by one of the longest Ethiopian rebel group, Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) saying PM Abiy’s efforts for peace is worth for the prize.

“ONLF congratulates PM Abiy Ahmed for receiving the Nobel Peace Prize,” a statement by the group reads in part.

According to the statement, the group underscored that Abiy’s vision and commitment have facilitated the peace agreement in Ogaden, Oromia, Ethiopia, and Eritrea.

“We have high hopes that his drive to democratize will succeed. Keep going, we support you,” the group said.

Berit Reiss-Andersen of Norwegian Nobel Committee said Abiy deserves the prize as he brought normalcy and hope to people.

The Nobel Committee also recognized Abiy’s effort to bring political reform to the country and mediate disputes in Sudan, South Sudan, Kenya and Somalia

Abiy, 43, came to power in April 2018, after months of mass protests aimed at the political elite of the ruling party.

After taking office, Abiy brought an end to Ethiopia’s hostilities with Eritrea and visited its capital city, Asmara. Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki returned the favor with a trip to Addis Ababa.


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