Jubbaland regional forces have on Monday liberated Abdalla Birole in Lower Jubba region in Jubbaland state of Somalia.

The troops retook the town which is 55 Kilometer east of Kismayo, the administrative capital of Jubbaland state.

Among casualties of the security operation are two al-Shabaab bomb experts according to military officials.

The operation is part of Somali armed forces offensive against the armed in past months that led to the liberation key strategic towns in south central Somalia.

Somali National Army took Barire, Sabid, Aw-Dhegle and Canole in the strategic Lower Shabelle region from the group in the past months.

Several attempts by the group to retook the areas which were economic lifeline for their operations was foiled the army.

Somali Federal government in coordination with Southwest state administration are planning to deploy federal police force to the liberated areas to boost maintenance of  law and order.

Relevant government agencies have also been directed to start implementing key social amenities to provide basic government services.


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