Somali Federal Government via the office of the Prime Minister has provided funding to rebuild the damaged bridges in the agricultural town of Bardere in Gedo region.

The premier, Hassan Ali Kheyre handed over USD 317,000 during a meeting with leaders from the region to renovate the bridge that links two sides of the town.

Leaders from Gedo region including members of the Lower and Upper House of parliament thanked the office of Prime Minister for the support.

On his side, the prime minister, Hassan Kheyre said his administration will do all in its capacity to provide basic service to the citizens across the country.

The move follows appeal by the residents of the Bardere to the Federal government to intervene in the renovation of the bridge that was first installed by the central government in the 1970s.

The damage to the steel bridge was caused by a lack of maintenance to the facility for over years since the collapse of the central government in the early 1990s.


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