At least five al-shabaab fighters and several others injured following clashes with local militias in Hiran region.

Self-organized armed locals known as (Macawiisley) have raided on Thursday al-shabaab camp in El-ali village, prompting an hour long fighting between the sides.

Speaking to the local media, Ali Mohamed Istakin who leading the local militia said that they decided to eliminate al- Shabaab fighters in the region.

He also confirmed that they have recovered light weapons and technical vehicles from al-shabaab fighters.

“We have staged covert operation against al-shabaab fighters El-ali village. We engaged in heavy fighting with the group but later they fled from their base, giving us the upper hand. We have recovered weapons, ammunition and two vehicles,” he said.

Confirming the casualties on their fighters, Ali said three fighters sustained injuries.

Al-Shabaab has not yet commented on the fighting on its base.


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