International Court of Justice (ICJ) should removed Somali born judge from the hearing of Somalia-Kenya border dispute case, Kenya sponsored case said.

David Matsanga, Ugandan born who is the Chairperson of the Pan African Forum filed a case at ICJ.

In a case filed at the court, Matsanga accused Abdulqawi Ahmed Yusuf, the president of International Court of Justice of not being neutral.

Matsanga proposed that the court to conduct the case without the president, claiming that ‘risk of an unbalanced and a biased outcome’ in the case.

In a story published by The East African based in Nairobi, Matsanga said, as a Somali national, his heart falls near Somali,” adding that the judge had been addressing matters pending before the court in forums outside the court.

“As a Pana African Forum, we view these statements as roadside shows that makes the President of the ICJ not fit to preside over the matter between Kenya and Somalia,” he said.

“We have interest in the Kenya/Somali case as regional natives of the East and the Horn of Africa,” he said.

Pan African Forum of Civil Societies is a Division of the Tanzania Social Support Foundation that is dedicated to strengthening the capacity of Civil Societies from all (54) fifty four African Countries. It was established on 9 May 2015 at Mtwara, Tanzania.


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