Somali National Army have repulsed armed group al-Shabaab militants attack on their base in Qoryooley town of Lower Shabelle region.

According to officials, four militants were killed in the botched attack.

The assault prompted hours of heavy fighting between the Somali troops and armed Al-al- Shabaab fighters in the agricultural town along the river Shabelle.

The attack comes just days after similar attack by the group was repulsed by the troops in the newly recaptured town of Aw-Dhegle.

Security operations led by Somali special forces unit from Danab have seen the militant group lose key strategic towns such as Barire, Sabiid, Canole and Aw-Dhegle.

Somali National Army chief, General Dahir Indho Qarshe toured the troops in Barire on Wednesday to boost their morale.

Somali government has vowed to continue operations against the group until all remaining areas under the group control is retaken.


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