Jubbaland regional parliament will take over the responsibility of managing the upcoming elections in the state ahead of the presidential elections.

A statement from the state assembly on Monday confirmed the role following a meeting between the new speaker, his two deputies, and officials from the independent electoral body.

The sides agreed that soon to be appointed regional assembly committee to take the leading role in the implementation of the election which is slated on 22nd August.

“Regional assembly leadership and the independent electoral body have agreed to transfer the responsibility of managing the election process to the parliament with the poll agency helping in the technical capacity.” The letter sent to the newsroom said.

It further stated the move was meant to address the request by the international community delegation earlier to the regional leadership to allow the parliament to manage the democratic process.

“The regional parliament and the independent electoral body reached the decision to accommodate the recommendations of the international community,” the statement noted.

Meanwhile, Jubbaland Presidential candidates including the incumbent, Ahmed Mohamed Islam have appeared before the new assembly to address their manifesto on Tuesday.

Most of the contenders pledged to improve relations with the federal government, improve the local economy and embark on an offensive against armed group al-Shabbab to liberate areas still under their control in the state.


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