Somali Federal Government has warned that it will not recognize the outcome of the ongoing Jubbaland regional State elections.

A statement from the Ministry of Interior, Federal Affairs and Reconciliation on Saturday said that due process was not followed in the selection of members of the regional assembly.

“ The Ministry of Interior is closely following updates in the Jubbaland State and therefore, confirms that the selection of the traditional elders is not aligned with that of the Ministry(Interior),” Read the statement, adding “The selection of members of the regional assembly was also unconstitutional”

The Ministry of Interior statement further called for reconciliation meeting among various stakeholders in the state to avert what it described as violence and instability.

“In order to avoid instability and violence, the Federal Government calls upon Jubbaland state to organize reconciliation meeting that brings together the communities across the state.”

The Federal Government assured that it is ready to take part in the realization of peaceful, free and fair election process in the state but strongly warned that any formula contrary to the law will not be tolerated.

The statement comes as the new members of the Jubbaland state assembly elected speaker and his two deputies on Saturday morning(17 August 2019).


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